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"Lighting system to provide solutions that improve quality of life and survival of the human environment", determined to become "for responsibility, continuous innovation, do lighting solutions leader in."

Founded in the 2004's lighting products, is a production, research and development and sales of professional lighting companies, products covered commercial lighting, home lighting, building electrical, outdoor lighting, lighting appliances 5 door type. Around the "wisdom in the application of" core brand positioning strategy, to build "the light of wisdom application system" service platform, product design, manufacturing, business customer service, lighting design, service level five, a full range of high-star hotel lighting , shopping malls lighting, clothing chain lighting, hardcover property lighting provides lighting system services, and widely used in many fields hardcover property, hospital, financial, furniture chain mall, ceramic chain stores, entertainment lighting, etc ....... Lighting products include light, electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamp with, voted with floodlights, more than 40 categories of LED lighting, clean energy lighting, switch socket, intelligent control systems, more than 2,000 categories.

Lighting products for many years on a forward-looking way of thinking, in-depth understanding of lighting, perfect service ability to win the social and market recognition. "High-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province", "Guangdong Province", "2010 Guangdong Famous Brand", "labor relations harmonious enterprise, employee satisfaction enterprises", "2009 Guangdong Province Credible Enterprise", "Municipal Enterprise Technology Center" and other awards. Over the years, also received the "2005's most popular commercial lighting brand" and "the most trusted material 2007 designer brand" and "2010 designer recommended brand", "2010 China's hotel industry's top ten brands platinum supplier" "2010 in commercial lighting most competitive brand "and hundreds of honor.
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